Tuesday, December 18, 2007

What's going on with me?




My in-laws will be in town on Friday. Trying to clean, organize and get ready for the scrutinization. Trying to figure out how I am gonna hide the fact that I returned the Waffle Maker she got me for my birthday that she wanted me to have.....for the air popcorn popper that I wanted to have! Trying to figure out how to ensure the kids don't repeat things we don't want her to know. (good luck with that delusional thought.....)


For a good friend who I finally talked to today after a long week of phone-tag. And I was overjoyed to learn that she's expecting a new bundle of joy by mid-Summer!! Unplanned and not the best time....but still a blessing!! Congratulations!! (you know who you are!! :) That's all your gonna get, because I have to keep this one under my hat for now!!


Trying to come up ideas for my CHA assignment!


Came on tonight. Really bugging me. Heading to bed with some meds!

Have a good one!!!


Tam said...

HeadAche because MIL is coming lol
I would have one too if MIL came no not a headache but a heartattack. Good luck with MIL and remember to breath and just let it go don't sweat the small stuff It will be ok it is the Season of Miracles and your Miracle this year is that she will be as sweet as pie and just realize that you are the Daughter in law she always wanted (o I think that would be my miracle) well whatever...lol Good Luck and give M a big Hug as that little girl is getting ready for her Birthday!

Tam said...

It is all going to be ok.

Everyone gets stressed aroung the Holidays right (well not me..because i have nothing to do really) No family or friends coming to visit me here SO it will be a quiet time..anyway back to YOU Count to 10 b4 and remember to focus on that HAPPY PLACE
Ok I sound so Zen saying that but you know the truth...I am NOT

Maybe YOGA would be good for US..not YO GO's more like it..hmm those are yummy!

OK trying to make you smile in the middle of all the tension! Rember the Humor in it ALL!

Tam said...

Ok that last post had lots missing but I am holding P and typing...did go so well

count to 10b4 U speek to MIL

Also was to say YOGA...NOT...maybe Yo Go's instead..lol they are yummy

see the humor in just a bad first post..lol lol lol

At least you can rant and rave and blog about MIL with all us understanding Daughter In Laws!

Anonymous said...

It's okay, you can tell everyone...yes, I Jamie am having a baby...
JUST KIDDING!!!! Holy CRAP that would SUCK!!!!!!!! :) :)

(I made you giggle just a little bit didn't I?)

Smooches, ~J

KTluv said...

Glad you guys have power back and sorry about the IL's and the migraine. I can totally relate. Follow Tam's advice, take some tylenol and get some rest!

the real ~Roxann~ said...

Jamie....ya right! HA HA HA!!!
I spit water on my computer, dang it!!! Everyone KNOWS you aren't havin' a baby!!

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