Thursday, December 13, 2007

Update......Thursday 12/13


We have power.
Just want you to know we are fine.

No time to talk. Too much catch-up to do.
Piles of laundry. Piles of dishes.
Cleaning out the fridge and freezer.....
(we've lost all our food in the fridge/freezer.)
That really sucks because we had just finished the grocery shopping for all our meals for a 2 week period.

I had to go to the grocery store to get the basics, at least.
Milk. Eggs. Bread.

We are having sandwiches for dinner.
Because I have no time to cook a big, fancy dinner.

Remember, I still have a Design Team deadline!!
Holy Moly.....I am so stressed!!

Down in Tulsa (where my dad/stepmom live) things are really bad though. They haven't had electric all week and the electric company says that it won't be on till next weeks some time.

They also had 3 limbs that fell and came through the roof of their sunroom...and my dad is using a 2x4 to hold up part of their ceiling!! It's been raining and the water is just pouring in. And the sunroom builder company can't even estimate when they can get to them. It's bad. So, in the grand scheme of things.....we were very, very lucky.


Tam said...

Good to hear from you...send my thoughts to your Dad and J..

Life of an Army wife said...

glad your good!!! Ive talked to mom! Very bad! Good news Duane should be here very soon!!!

Anonymous said...

i'm glad y'all made it through mostly intact.

Stacy said...

Yikes! That just sucks about your groceries. I'm glad to hear you have electricity and things are getting better. Poor dad! Man......that's just awful. I finally heard from Mark.....wheww! he's on the way home!!

Karen said...

Glad you are all ok. Thinking about you.

Nicole said...


Amber said...

Glad you're all ok ang you have heat again! good luck wiht your deadlines- i'm sure you'll be a superstar!

Oh- and would you answer your phone woman? Call me after the kids go to bed or something k? :)

Tim said...

makes you miss savannah, huh?

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