Friday, December 7, 2007

For Amber.....Gorilla's are your friends!

Ha ha ha ha!!!

Love....Yo GABBA GABBA at our house!


FlipFlop Mom said...

Oh my hotdog!!!!!! that is AWFUL!!! AWFUL!!! This mamma could NOT handle shows that like.... LOL LOL LOL

the real ~Roxann~ said...

Terri! How could you talk bad about the Yo Gabba Gabba?!?!?!!?

Amber said...

hahahaah- ok. have to admit, NEVER seen that show. and from what i just saw- doesn't look like i've missed out on anything. (sorry for the diss) lol
but thanks..... LOVE me some gorillas! :)

Tam said...

Ok so I had to go stalk Amber's blog to find out about the Gorilla's are your friends...thing..understand it now. lol lol

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