Friday, December 7, 2007

Decorating the Tree.....

So, the tradition is that Big Daddy puts up the tree and puts the lights on and
then we decorate the tree......
(mommy and the kids, that is...)
(Jensen took this ^ picture! Good job for a first try....)

Marinne was overjoyed by it all.....

Logan, the pre-teen just puts up w/ his mother's photo obsessions so I won't fuss at him!

Griffin really enjoyed decorating this year! He took great care in hanging his!

Then, we went on to the other tradition when you are decorating the tree...
....Christmas Vacation!!!
Yes, we let Marinne watch it. I know, I know. Stop judging me!! Yes, there is some colorful language and adult humor......but, what can I say?!?! It's not like they haven't heard things before. And, it's a tradition. Well, crap, now I am judging me!! Oh, well!
At least she fell asleep after 20 minutes!
Jensen was still working hard on the tree during the movie!

The pre-teen was doing this ^!!!!

Griff snuggled next to mommy......

And, Big Daddy enjoying the movie.....he's seen it like 62 times!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh your 'preteen' looks JUST LIKE IKE doesn't he? He's turning into such a little man...unbelievable! I love the movie too...that squirrel part is the BEST...and I'm pretty sure the Uncle is related to Big Dave...hee hee! :)

Tam said...

O they have grown over the last year!!!! Looks like you guys had fun decorating the tree!!!!!!!

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