Monday, December 3, 2007

Off to the Pediatrician.....

Two Appointments 10:50am
Two Co-Payments $40.00
Two Cranky/Sick kids Fun! (not!)
One Cranky mom Tired.

Here's hoping this ends soon. I'm over it.


Anonymous said...

Dang girl...I'm over it FOR ya! :)

Tam said... is that time of year girl. Sorry for it all!!!!!!!

FlipFlop Mom said...

GOSH girl.. here I sit reading your blog .... and all your poor little babies are sick.. I'm so sorry.. :( I do hope everyone gets better... and I HOPE you don't get what they have!!!!!

Stacy said...

Tis the Season to visit the Dr. Falalalala lala barf!!!

I'm so over it with you!!

KTluv said...

Hope that everybody is feeling better soon for you girl. I know exactly what you mean!!!

Anonymous said...

Hope the little darlings are up and better very soon! Smooch! - karen

Tam said...

Update on the r they all? Well yet??? just checking in on you guys!

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