Saturday, December 1, 2007

December 1st...


Wow! It seems like this year was just getting started up yesterday.....

Where does the time go?!

Everyone is hustling and bustling around.
Making lists.
Checking them twice.
Gonna find out who's naughty or nice.
(sorry, got off track there....)

All the things that make the season grand.

It's cold here. Mostly rain w/ a flake or two of snow falling. And I still have my ever present sick little girl laying on me and if I walk away following me with her sing-song "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy." Kinda sweet, kinda whiny and definitely getting old after a few days of it. Don't get me wrong, I feel bad for her. But, of course, I feel bad, too. And, I've been a constant kid magnet for 9 days now with one sick child or another.

No wonder I can't get a thing done....

But, either way, we are decorating our naked trees tonight.

We put them up last weekend and they are still sitting undecorated, since everyone has been sick. So, every day the children beg to decorate the tree and every day, we have to say, "No. Sorry. You know that (insert correct sibling here) is still sick....we have to wait till they feel better so they can do it, too!" But....I can no longer stand the naked trees. And everyone is well enough (and hopefully, germ free...) to be able to take part in the celebration.

I got the two littles to take a good nap, so hopefully they will both be feeling 100% very soon. Marinne now has a rash all over her. So, as annoying as that is and her blood shoot eye she has from vomiting so hard (poor baby) she really is on the upswing. And Griffin, well his congestion is really bad. But, I hope we are coming to the end of his illness, as well. That poor child has been sick now for 6 days.

I hope to get everyone down tonight and get some design team work caught up with. I hate that I'm running behind, but I could not help it. I have my ideas in my head....I just need time to execute, picture and upload. (and wouldn't you know...our wireless router is acting the internet is off and on. Figures! So, Logan suggests I hook up the Lan line...ummm...what?!?! My MacBook loves being wireless and I have no idea what a lan line is.....)

Have a great Saturday!!

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Tam said...

ok get everyone well and take pictures of your tree to post. I would post my pictures but I do not have a fancy dancy computer system like you to post pictures.

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