Friday, December 21, 2007


OK....I AM FRANTIC!!!!!!

#1 - I have to get the gift done for Big Daddy's boss and our friend, K. TODAY!!! And I can't seem to find the paper I need for it! GRRRRRR!!!!!

#2 - In-laws will be here today. Trying to finish up the cleaning, etc. before the scrutiny patrol shows up.

#3 - Grumpy girl is full-blown because I started my period early, again...and I have cramps, a headache and a sore throat. GREAT!!

#4 - All 4 kids are home and their fighting like banshees. (where's the rope?!?! Ha ha ha....just kidding!)

#5 - I haven't wrapped one gift....NOT ONE!!! Can you believe that?!?!

#6 - Christmas cards...ya right. Just couldn't seem to get it together for that. So, I am making a Christmas Web Blog. Really been busy working on that.....stay tuned for the info coming very soon!!!


:) rox


Anonymous said...

Hey! Slow down and take a deep breath. Only do what you have to. The inlaws and the cards can go to blazes...just enjoy your family (immediate) and this special time of year.
Thinking of you!


Tam said...

YOU have a great day!! The In laws are in town I guess for that Little Princesses B-day! Just think how great it all will be..and all those pics for you to use on your d-team. It is all going to be A OK...breath. You work under pressure better than anybody I know.

Tam said...

O yeah and by the way...I seen the card you made for Birthday with the Martini Glass...its your birthday Live it up.

Ok I know you had me in mind when you made that and my Chocolate Martini's

Ps where is my card...I want that one!! O yeah and the tree one that I did not make so well. I even went and bought my little sticker machine for Savannah Scrapbooking (it is cute) and well it did not turn out well and my paper colors just did not match because I did not get same colors and BOTTOM LINE JUST MAIL ME THE CARD...LOL LOL just kidding but seriously I could not make Come and visit and we can do it together. I will stalk YOU later but I need to go get a life NOW

EFW said...

Good Luck!
It will all work out... sure easy for me to say right! My inlaws invade on Sunday - but only for a couple of hours. Then we will bring out the booze to make it all better.

FlipFlop Mom said...

ahhhhhhhhh if anyone can make it all come together.. it's you!!!! I'm sure by now.. your gifts are made.. and your "giggling" with the in-loves!!!

Anonymous said...

Isn't Christmas day the best. It is when everything either got done or got left for next year! Besides the cooking... I hope you can enjoy your holiday a little. By the way, I need your address when you get two mintues. No hurry. Miss you!


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