Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Yep, I'm still here....

So, I am seriously a bad Blogger these days.....

.....I guess I am just feeling a little overwhelmed in general. I had a hard time getting back into our routine after going to Tulsa for my Class Reunion. I don't know why. I guess I came home tired, overwhelmed and then having to deal w/ the therapist and the stress of that really got to me. I guess I've been in a little bit of a funk.

So, last weekend was real busy. On Saturday morning I went to "weigh-in" at WW. I know you probably assumed it was bad since I didn't mention it. I know it was going to be sketchy since I had eaten what I wanted at the reunion, then I had 2 slices of pizza very late at night. Not the best WW choice, but I was hungry, so I ate it. But, then I was right back on my diet. So, the weigh-in was OK. I was the SAME. I just maintained....and I was perfectly happy with that. At least it wasn't a gain!!!

Then, on Saturday afternoon, Big Daddy took our oldest to his tv stations' "Shred-A-Thon." (This is where they have a well-known shredding company donate their services and viewers can bring sensitive documents of any amount to be shredded.) Anyway, it was sunny, humid and hot and we brought he and L lunch. Then, we stayed and helped him for 5 hours. The kids were perfect! It was a lot of work, but myself and the older boys were able to pitch in and daddy wasn't lonely!
All-in-all, it wasn't too bad! A bit hot, but still not too bad.
But, we came home exhausted!!!!

We spent all Sunday indoors because it rained all day. But, we really needed it!

So, Monday, I went to see the new Psychiatrist. It was almost too much for me. And I came home feeling emotionally and even physically drained. The jury is still out on how I feel about her. I will see her again next week and that should help me decide.

Then, Tuesday, it was back to the original therapist. It went more smoothly this week, but she can still sense that I am a little uneasy. I'm still really glad I didn't back down and I feel good I stood up for myself and big daddy. So, anyway, we made some more progress and I confessed a few other big issues I'd been mulling to her. I felt better, but I am just so tired of dealing with all this crap. So tired of it. So, again, I came home emotionally and physically exhausted.

I am glad I am doing the therapy, but sometimes it feels like it would be easier just to walk away. But, in reality, I know that isn't the case!!! I need to be there.

And it has been raining for 3 days, ruining our swimming time (and my exercising.) So, that's been making me in a bad mood. It was clear today, and plenty hot and humid. But, J had a migraine no pool again.

Tomorrow I have to go enroll the kids in school, along with the parents of 350 other, that ought to be real FUN! NOT!!!! Then, we have swim lessons.

Why is summer so busy???

Friday is filled with getting Griffin a physical for Pre-K. And then getting all his paperwork and the check for tuition to his new school. Eeek! So much to do!!!

I promise to try to blog a little more regular!!!!

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Elizabeth said...

You go for a few days without blogging and think you're a bag blogger...I go weeks, what does that make me? LOL

I'm glad to hear that you're trying a different therapist to see if that would be a better fit. You never know until you try right?

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