Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Emergency, Emergency!

See this sweet angel?

It's official. She's a full-blown "terrible two!"

The night before I was to go to Tulsa for the Creating Keepsakes Convention....she decided that her 4 year old brother had unknowingly sat in the spot she deemed in her mind as hers. Well, she would have none of that and she pushed him
off the couch. Hard. And he was hurt......

When I reached G ~ he took one look at me while holding his arm and crying and he said, "Mommy, sister pushed me off the couch and broke my arm."

Oh, Crap!

I knew we had a serious emergency....by the sound of his cry and he would not let me touch it or even look at it. It took 10 minutes of coaxing for him to even let me look at it. Finally, he did. And I was very concerned about the "bruising" that was already showing up on his hand.

So, I called Big Daddy, who was home in 5 minutes, and
he carried G to the car. (he is really in pain) I took G to the Urgent Care. (always a better choice than sitting in the emergency room for hours!)

The first Urgent Care we went to had no x-ray tech after 6pm (oh, the joys of a smaller town.....) But, of course, they failed to mention this to me until we've been there
for 45 minutes, seen the doctor, etc. ARRGH!!!! (Ummm...seriously, they better NOT send me a bill, when they couldn't even do the job!) So, she suggests we come back in the morning for an x-ray.

Ummm...NO! I tell her I have planned to go out of town in the morning to work. (although, I'm already thinking in my head how to get ahold of the store owner I am supposed to work for......and that it's very likely I won't be
going...after all, I am a mommy first and everything
else, second.....)

So, I say, "No, I need to have it looked at tonight." So, the doc responds by saying, "Well, I just hate to send you to the emergency room...." At this point, the nurse interrupts and suggests the "other" urgent care on our
side of town. So, they call and make sure they are still open, as it is now 7:40pm. So, they call and find out they are open till 8pm. And now they are waiting on me.....

So, I blaze the 4 miles over to the "other" urgent care. (Turns out, I had seen the building numerous times and thought it was a doctor's office building and didn't know
there was an urgent care there. And yay, it's closer to our house!)

So, I carry G in again. Put him down. Fill out paperwork/insurance/sign my life away again. And 10 minutes later we are being seen by a doctor. (they technically close in 5 minutes) The doctor also voices
concern about that weird "bruising" on his hand. She definitely wants x-rays. Anyway, they get the x-ray guy to fire up the machine and we immediately go to x-ray.

X-ray rooms kinda freak me out. I don't know why. They are cold, white, sterile, smelly a little funny. Or maybe it's
those lead vests...... Anyway, I laughed out loud when he asks me if I could be pregnant..... (thanks for the comedy break cute x-ray guy!) UMMM...DEFINATELY NOT PREGNANT!!!!!!! (or if I was....you may have to x-ray me to be sure my heart didn't give out when you suggested it!!!!) He gives me a lead vest anyway and a teeny one for G to put on. G sits on my lap and then cute x-ray guy (who by the way rocks w/ children) precedes to show/tell me how he and I will be manipulating G's arm to get the x-rays the doc needs. Poor G was in a lot of pain....but he was brave and such a trooper. We were able to get the x-rays on the first try.

Looking at the x-rays, they find no obvious fracture. THANK GOD!!! But, there is definitely something wrong.
A sprain or something. So, she puts a 1/2 cast on - basically a splint made of fiberglass that goes along the bottom of the arm and held on by an Ace Bandage. They also gave us a sling, which was basically useless.

Everyone was so sweet and kind to G. They gave him lots of stickers and 5 or 6 people looked at his arm and gave him attention while we were there. We will definitely be going here for our next emergency!!

Anyway, I got home and I was so conflicted between making the best decision as G's mommy and the commitment I had made to a stranger to work in her booth at CKC in Tulsa. I mean, if I didn't show up, she'd have no one to work for her for 3 days. All in all, the situation was BAD. And by the time I got home and fed G dinner, it was 9:30pm here and 10:30 pm in Florida. And my mom always said not to call people after 10pm, unless you are family or close friends.

Big Daddy told me to go. After all, G would be left with Gma and Gpa, not a babysitter, while I was in Tulsa. And of course, Gma and Gpa can handle it!!!

So, I decided I would wait until the morning and see how things go with G and make a decision in the morning.

And then, while I was laying in my bed at 1am Wide Awake.....I figured out the "weird bruising" on his hand....it was scrapbooking marker. I had made a tattoo on his hand with red and orange and blue marker while scrapbooking that morning. It had mostly come off and what was left was that "weird bruising!!!!" Ooops!!!! :-)

I took G to the doctor this morning and his arm/hand looks good. She was able to manipulate it without any complaint from G. She's going to call and get the radiologist report of the x-ray from last week and will let me know if further intervention is necessary, but it looks to be fine! YAY!!!!!!!

We also found some "lumps" behind G's ear last night. I had not noticed them before and I was very concerned. It turns out they are swollen lymph nodes. The Ped says it's probably caused by a bug bite on his head.......I'm just glad he's FINE!!!!


Stacy Armstrong ~ Come on in, The Studio is Open ~ said...

whewwwwww! what a day! So glad he doing fine!!

FlipFlop Mom said...

OH MY.. and I have to tell you.. I LOL about the "wierd brusing".. OH NO!!! LOL LOL.. I'm so glad you're little man is doing GREAT.. you're a GREAT momma... !!! OH and CONGRATS on the weight loss.... I am sooooooo PROUD Of you!!!!!

Kerry said...

I'm glad your little guy is okay.
As for the bruising, I laughed out loud at that one!
Toooo funny.

RickertsZoo; Summerfield, NC said...

G~ looks SO COOL with his CAST! And M~, boy will she have a story to tell!

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