Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Guess where I got a job working this weekend?!?!?!

Yep, The Creating Keepsakes Convention!!!

Woo Hoo! I am soooooo excited!!! I am going to Tulsa tomorrow. Set up is Thursday, then the Convention is Friday and Saturday and I'll come home on Sunday. The two littles are going to stay w/ Gma and Gpa. The two big boys will stay home to go to school and stay with daddy.
(with a little fill-in help with the neighbors....)

I'll be working at the Scrapbook Faire (the shopping floor) for a Scrapbook Store located in Florida and they also have a online store/community.
Here's the link to Kim's store, if you want to check it out!

If you can believe it, I've never gotten to go to a scrapbooking convention before, so I am super excited. Even if I have to work the whole time.... Just the possibility of meeting one of my scrapbooking inspirations makes me sooooo happy! I might not, but it's always a possibility!

So, you might not here from me for a few days!!!!!


Stacy Armstrong ~ Come on in, The Studio is Open ~ said...

You go girl! (Oh that's so 90's lol)
Sounds like tons of fun!!

Elizabeth said...

that's so awesome! Congrats. I'm only a little big jealous..yeah right, I'm a lot jealous!

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