Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Self-Portrait Tuesday

So, here it is. My Elsie wanna-be photo. Not bad for a first try.....

THE countdown continues....2 days till SAVANNAH!

Need I say more?!?!?!

I am completely insane. I did 9 loads of laundry yesterday and folded and put every bit of it away! I still have 7 more loads to do today. I HATE LAUNDRY!!!! But, I love having my laundry room...I am so happy to have an actual room, where I have space to move. I have a place I can put laundry baskets. I have a folding table (which comes out to double as cropping space for my friends~~so, come on over and we'll crop the day away!!!! Who cares about this laundry, anyway?!?!!)

Man I was blinded by cropping thoughts...... so, the space is so cavelike because it's an "unfinished" room. I hate it! I keep telling Ike I am going to paint it pink. And one of these days....I'm going to!!!!

Anyway, I'm trying to get the laundry completely done before I leave. And I'm trying to get food for while I'm gone, along with some menus for Big Daddy. This will help him curb the temptation to eat out for every meal!! That's just tooooo expensive!!

And I haven't even begun to pre-plan pages, etc. for scrapbooking, so I have a lot to do!

To top it all off, this is Ike's first day off that isn't a holiday, so we are first off to the DMV to get our cars inspected, new driver's licenses and our car tags (which are currently 3 months overdue....don't tell the state of KS!)

I'm off....have a great day!!!


Amy H. (ah, the memories...) said...

Okay, I have to say it -- are you always sunburned or do you just look like it in your self-portraits?

I miss you guys!

the real ~Roxann~ said...

Well, Ames, the deal is....I'm just so fair-skinned, that any amount of sun shows on me. And that, coupled with the fact my blood-pressure meds make me more susceptible to sun....I tend to get red easily.

But, to answer your question....no, I am not sunburned. I guess it just looks that way!

Miss you, too. How's your family??

amy h. said...

Rotten, just like yours. Football. Ballet. The usual.

BP meds make you susceptible to the sun? Well hell, it was nice of my doc to tell me THAT.... See, I always learn something from Dr. Walker. I shall henceforth protect myself zealously.

And I was really hoping you were just, you know, outdoorsy and doing all that crap I always wish I did, like hiking and picnics and all that other family-magazine junk. HEY -- let's do it together! (You know, as long as you're not embarrassed to hang with an Alpha Sig....)

Tell Big Daddy hello for me and that I miss him too. Obviously it would kill him to email me sometime. Good Lord, I got him in the divorce and I never even hear from him. :)

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