Monday, July 16, 2007

Why are people so stupid???

So, this weekend while I was out and about....I saw 2 women who someone needs to slap the sense into! Why are people so stupid????

I went to the grocery store. And in the parking lot in the lane in front before the parking spaces start....I saw a guy w/ a 2 1/2 year old (based on his size/clothing) following behind, not being held on to. I thought....stupid, idiot dad!!! Well, the guy turned around, hearing the boy, and had a puzzled look on his face and KEPT ON GOING. Obviously, the kid didn't belong to him, but he LEFT HIM IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET!!!!!!!

Hello! He's 2 years old!! DO NOT LEAVE HIM IN THE STREET!!!

I know he doesn't belong to you.....
I know it's "not your job".......
I know you don't want to take the time to do it......


Take 2 seconds and try to find his mother........

Ya know that saying, "It takes a village to raise a child?"
THIS is one of those times!!!!!

Anyway......within about a 2 minutes....out the door rushes a FRANTIC young mother (about 25 yr. old) and she runs out the door of the store, scoops up the child and begins to YELL AT HIM!!!

Ok.....I know you are upset he got loose. Scared. Relieved. Worried about what could have been. But for goodness sake girl, you must not have been holding him. And a 2 year old is WAY TOO YOUNG to "know better" or to be responsible for his actions. He sees something interesting and he's gonna go "check it out." He knows no danger!!!!! It's YOUR JOB to make sure he's safe and not wandering in the street at the grocery store!!! Yell at yourself, lady!!!!

Then, while I was at the mall yesterday shopping. They were having a "sidewalk sale," so there were lots of "things" out to look at in the hallways at the mall.

Well, there was a boy of about 3 years old and he was perusing the table in front of the Hallmark store. NO mother in sight. I stopped and watched him as he picked up breakable after breakable....still wondering where this child's parent is. I am scanning to see....who could be this kids mom..... but everyone is too far away to be his mom. Well, I was wrong.

THREE STORES AWAY and still walking was a woman probably in her early 40's pushing a wheelchair which most likely contained her mother. And she has not noticed the boy is not with her. As I stood their watching w/ my mouth gaping open....I see the tons of people walking by....any one of them could have snatched this kid,
time and time again!

Finally, at store FOUR AWAY....she realizes little Jacob isn't w/ her. And she stops and yells at him. (because, after all, it's not her fault)

And this continues all the way from the center of the mall down to Macy's. Never once did she ask him to hold a hand. Not once did she put him on gramma's lap in the wheelchair. Not once did she have him "help" push the wheelchair. I was worried for his safety.

So, as we get into Macy's. The child stops to look at the perfume bottles just inside the door of Macy's. He's picking them up, one by one. Smelling. Looking at them........and the mom
IS STILL GOING......and is far away from him.

Anyone coulda snatched that child and been GONE!!!!

And again, she YELLS AT Jacob and he runs to her.


Now, I know I can be "overprotective" but just the thought that "I" could have been a "bad guy" and could have snatched that child up numerous different times, makes me feel ok about being a little "overprotective." I would just die if something happened to one of my children. Especially if it was my fault.

And I know that accidents can happen. Even the most vigilant mother can turn her head for a moment and it drastically change your life in a horrible way. It happens everyday.

But, it really bothers me when parents are blatently being irresponsible.

I told the News Director about what I had seen and how much it upset me. And his response was.....
Well, those are the type that when their kid is kidnapped, and we interview them they say "....we don't know how this could have happened to us...."

Then, he's sad that ANYONE can have a have to have a license to hunt, but anyone can have a child.

And of course, the ND hates stupid people!!!

And, I do too!


RickertsZoo; Summerfield, NC said...

My pet peeve are the parents that sit on their big ol rear and start then they throw in the 1/2 thinking their child will do obey...and somehow they never get to 3 or if they do, they act like they are going to get up and beat the allioops out of them so the kid stops.
Truly, a parent license is a great idea! I vote ROX for President!

Mandy said...

Scarry Scarry scarry!!! It is so sad to see kids yelled at for things are are obviously the parents fault!

Beth said...

I temporarily lost my 2 boys at the Seafood Festival in Richmond Hill and I was trying to watch them like a hawk. They were in line for a ride and it filled up before they got on. I guess I glanced away around that time and did not see them move over to the next ride. So the first ride ended and they did not come off. Talk about panic!!! I didn't yell at them when I found them - I gave them a great big hug. They were 4 and 5.5 yrs old.

the real ~Roxann~ said...

Beth H...

How scary for you! I can't imagine the absolute panic you were in. Thankfully, this has never happened to me. But, I realize it could....

This is the difference between you and the other mothers I spoke about....YOU HUGGED THOSE BOYS TIGHT!!!

These women were just COMPLETELY CLUELESS!!!! And the mother at the grocery store was just pissed off that the boy didn't obey. She didn't even know the child had been in the street...he had wandered to the door of the grocery store when she finally found him. SHE DID NOT EVEN KNOW WHAT INCREDIBLE DANGER HE HAD BEEN IN! She was just MAD AT THE POOR BABY!!!

He was just being a 2-yr old and he got punished for it.

I never even saw her be sweet to him. She scooped him up and yelled at him all across the whole parking lot!

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