Saturday, July 14, 2007

It's the weekend.....

Hey everybody!!!!
It's Friday, well for me, technically Saturday, as it's 12:28am!!

Random thoughts:

  • I have the WW weigh-in in the morning. Due to unforseen will either be very bad, or possibly decent since I kicked butt today and yesterday not even using all my points!! (but I sit here typing and hungry... that's the problem w/ staying up late!! Bummer!!)

  • I went to Hobby Lobby to get the 2 new Love, Elsie lines, Lola and Riley, that were only released to HL. They are there...but the manager says she has no idea when they will have the time to get them out. Um....hey dumb manager....I am a customer wanting to buy both lines.....SELL THEM TO ME EVEN IF YOU HAVE TO GO GET THEM OUT OF THE DANG BOX RIGHT NOW WHILE I WAIT!!!!!!! I was frustrated!!!

  • I scrapped the cutest dang layout when I got home tonight. It was the other Pumpkin Patch layout. I am very happy with it. I hope to picture and post it tomorrow.

  • And for some shocking 20th class reunion (high school...dang I'm not THAT old!!!) is next weekend. I am really starting to freak about what I am going to wear! I don't care what anyone thinks about me. I just want to go and look the best I can and feel comfortable in what I wear. KWIM? So, I am going to be hitting the mall all weekend! Wish me luck!

  • I took Logan out w/ me tonight. He is really a great kid. I took him to Starbucks. We ordered him a blueberry white tea and it was quite good. Just the slightest hint of blueberryness!!! Yum! And I got a carmel frap light w/ no whip (waaahh...I REALLY wanted whipped cream...) but I was a good girl. I think it's like 4 points....(oh, I gotta go write that down!!!)

  • So, my step-mom called me and told me that she's decided I need to enter the Creating Keepsakes Scrapper of the Year contest. She's CONVINCED I can win. Hold on a sec.... Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! Good one!!!! Yea, right! But, thanks for the vote of confidence, Janet. I love you for believing in me......

  • Today overall sucked...... I'm cranky and crampy. (not crappy.....Beth!)
  • Jensen woke up and was vom-ing and now he has the dina-rina! (as it's known in our house)
  • The cat horked under the table during lunch....I made poor Logan clean it because I barely do kid puke....and I definately don't do ANYTHING that comes out of a cat!!!
  • Marinne was cranky...let's hope she doesn't get it too!

Let's hope for a great weekend!!!


Stacy Armstrong ~ Come on in, The Studio is Open ~ said... that was a good update!!

Anonymous said...

Well, if it makes you feel any better (along the same lines of cat 'horking' pup pooped IN MY BED!!!! AAAAAGH! What's up with THAT????? :)

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