Monday, July 9, 2007

I'd like to thank all the little people.....

(I'm totally kidding.....)

But not about THIS:

I got a BLOG AWARD!!!!!

Ahh huh! Oh, yeah! Ahh huh! Oh Yeah!
Yea, ME!!

That means someone, other than myself,
thinks I am funny!!! Or that I have something
worthwhile to say, that people want to read!

I was given this coveted award by a fantastic blogger that I have been enjoying for about 3 months. Somewhere along the line, she started reading my blog. Her name is Kerry, she has curly hair and she's a funny, funny girl! Check out her blog at Curly Girl.

I am re-giving an Honorary Award to her
because she totally Rocks!!!

Along with winning the award, I am to bestow this honor to 5 Rockin' Blog Girls that I love!

(crap...this is gonna be HARD to choose....I currently regularly stalk about 18 blogs........)

So, here goes my list.....

First, I choose Jamie D. She was the best darn boss I ever had and she's such a talented scrapper! She needs to do the CK HOF or MM Masters....because she'd stinkin' win! She never fails to inspire or make me smile, often both! I miss the heck out of her! (and her twin, Kristine, too!) You know I think you're awesome! Because you are!!

My second choice will be Elsie Flannigan. Most scrapbookers know who she is...but if you don't run to her blog (which is in the process of moving from here to here!) and check it out now! She has such a unique style and I swear she's the cutest girl I've ever seen! Her new Love, Elsie products are to die for! Yummy!

My third award to an Rockin' Girl Award goes to Sara a.k.a. Hunzer. She is freaking hilarious. She scrapbooks, she knits, she's a mom of a gaggle of kids and she's got a dirty mouth...get over it!
(seriously, if foul language bothers should probably skip her blog!) Anyway, I have been laughing at her blog for about 6 months! The thing I love about Hunzer is that she says what she thinks, including profanity, no matter what! And she has a charity donation link...
to do some good for others!!! (she has a BIG heart!) So, visit her blog and donate a few dollars to a good cause!

The fourth award goes to Stacy A.'s blog...My Scrap Studio. She's the best darn nurse any rockin' girl would be lucky enough to cross paths with. She's a GA girl, thru and thru! She's someone you want on your side when things get crazy. And she's the only girl I know tough enough to "pack heat!!" And she has more scrappin' talent in her pinkie than some people in their entire body! I'm super glad she's my friend! She reminds my why I miss Georgia.

And last, but certainly not least, is my mormonlicious friend AMBER!! Trust me, she's a Rockin' Girl! In fact, she's McRockin' !!!! She is super-talented, inspiring and funny, to boot! She makes me laugh. She posts beautiful pages! And I'm super proud to call her my friend. She's actually the only person that is not in my family that I've created a scrapbook page about! I did the page when she won the Adornit by Carolee's Apprentice contest and got her own scrapbooking lines produced and sold to scrapbook stores across the country. She's awesome! I love ya, McGirlie!!

So, Congratulations to MY Rockin' Girls!

Now, you guys need to choose
5 Rockin' Blogger Girls
to bestow your awards on!


Stacy Armstrong ~ Come on in, The Studio is Open ~ said...

Thank you Roxio!! And Huge Congrats on your Blog Award. You've kept it lively, funny and real!!You are a wondeful friend and the best patient I ever had!! I'm so glad we became friends! You are super mom, super scrapper and super wife to Ike. I miss you and can't wait to get together!!

Kerry said...

You are too funny!
Thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

I'd like to thank the academy...yada yada yada! :) LOVE YA!

FlipFlop Mom said...

YOU ROCK... you REALLY DO!!! Isn't Kerry the BESTEST!!!!!!!! She HONORED me too... I thought I was gonna CRY!!! LOL LOL LOL...!!

I LOVE the mormonlicious!! LOL LOL... too sweet!!

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