Monday, October 27, 2008


Right now I am struggling.

For my design team assignment, we are emphasizing breast cancer awareness.
We've teamed up with Melissa Frances and I have some of the most beautiful and fun papers,
ribbons, stickers, embellies and rub-ons to work with. But, they have a breast cancer theme.

And as much as I try to push myself to "think outside the box," all I can see is the "breast cancer'dness" of these products. I find myself sitting at my desk for hours, doing nothing but looking at the papers and thinking of my mom. (you see, the box, although beautiful was my emotional cop-out of not really scrappin' a picture that means something to me)

And the other line is called "thankful."
Well, I'm not thankful I lost my mom. I hate it.
The only thing I'm thankful for is that she didn't have to suffer longer than she did.

So, for now, I have sick kids.
A husband who is out of town.
And a deadline Friday for at least 2 more projects, a month-end report and lots to upload.
(usually, it's just not this hard.....)

And I'm struggling.......


Anonymous said...

So share your pain. Who said it had to be a happy LO?

Anonymous said...

Girl...ain't got no good advice for ya, just a big ol' hug (because I live far enough away that we don't actually have to touch.)

Tam said...

HUGS! I am sorry! That is hard.
HUGS a thousand times over!!!

Amber said...

so sorry girl! like Cat said... not everything you scrap has to be happy... you're sharing what's in your heart and that's what is most important. hope you find it in you to get it done. HUGS girl.

Jill said...

Hey Roxann - it's Jill from CKC Manchester and Hartford (really from Albany! :) I finally got on your blog to take a look, and I love it!

I am sorry you are struggling with this - I would agree with the other girls who say it doesn't have to be a happy layout. Above all, it should be honest and true to you, right? I know it's really hard to scrapbook the bad stuff - but I am sure what you come up with will be amazing. You will get it done.

I am going to check back here and see how it goes. Maybe you will inspire me to scrapbook a loss of my own that I can't seem to find to document...

Hope you and your family are doing well!

Tam said...

Hey just stalked over to see how you are doing and hoping you got inspired for a LO....just look is there waiting for you to share it all with US! HUGS

Tam said...

OK I am obessed with checking on YOU....HOPE you are not struggling and that your project is all done! I hope all IS going OK!

KSmith said...

Hugs girl. I know no matter what you do it will be awesome and full of inspiration to all

Tam said...

HELLO....HOPE all is going well. I will not be stalking for a bit as I am trying to make arrangements to head HOME for a few days.

HUGS HUGS and talk to YOU soon!

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