Saturday, October 25, 2008

My Tally for the Week....

2 kids w/ strep throat

1 kid w/ Fifth Disease

1 dog w/ vomiting and diarrhea

1 husband who claims he's getting sick

and me, who somehow pulled a muscle in my chest which is making me further believe in the statement, "better living thru pharmaceuticals!!" Thank goodness for pain meds!!


jamietg said...

Good ol' pharmecuticals...ahhhh. ;) Dude, y'all keep this crap up you may set some sort of record!
It's Saturday night...wanna come drink tequila with me? love ya!

jamietg said...

Oh, one more thing...I'll massage your chest for you if you want. ha!

Karen said...

Oh honey! Yikes! I hope ya'll feel better very soon!

Tam said...

HI popped over to stalk you and say HI......OMG what a list!

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