Tuesday, October 21, 2008


So...this is my life....

*a pre-teen who has a gnarly case of strep throat
(the pediatricians words, not mine)

*a 3 yr. old girl, who was woke up early due to all the excess unexpected noise due to situation with dog. (story to follow later in list) This girl came outside w/ no pants on (but carrying them) because she wanted to come outside w/ me and the dog. And now, who is sitting on her bed upset because the girls at the bus stop laughed at her for having no pants on.
(mind you, it's 48degrees outside)

* a kindy kid and a 3rd grader, both of who stayed up too late messing around and neither of which want to get up.

*a dog who is puking and has the big D, too!
(hence the 6am discovery of said fact and the following bath, crate cleaning and then disinfecting of everything within
a 30 yard vicinity of the dog and his crate!

*me, dry heaving, because I don't do icky animal anything
(this list includes, but is not exclusively limited to animal vomit, poop, eye boogers, slobber, snot or any animal smells. Seriously, a trip to the vets office, where the smell is concentrated can upset my stomach for a few hours!!)

*a cranky husband because he helped with the dog and now is running late to work and stressed because of this fact.

* the kindergartener just realized he left his backpack at home....running back from the school bus stop.... screaming, "mom, I forgot my backpack!" the whole way!
(I'm sure any neighbors who might be sleeping in really appreciated that!!)

*a headache, probably due to all listed above, but mostly
due to lack of sleep and stress

It's 8:19am....
...and I'm exhausted.

It's a glamorous life...but someone's gotta have it.

Don't be jealous!


Tam said...

O M G see BRAVO really needs to be PAYING REAL HOUSEWIVES like you in the trenches instead of the ATLANTA Housewives buying six thousand dollar flippin shoes.

EFW said...

Isn't it amazing how we do this day in and day out! I swear my Mom was never stressed like this... and she worked!
Hang in there girl! There is an army of supermom's out there that have your back!

FlipFlop Mom said...

You KNOW I'm jealous!!! No one can tell a story like YOU!!!!!

It just reminds me... that I'm not alone when things like that happen!!!

Poor mama though!!! Ü

Anonymous said...

Hee hee hee...sorry, not laughing...hmmm hee ha hmmph gurgle snort...okay damnit, I'm laughing, I can't help it!

Oh and I've totally got your back on the doggie diarhea thing...Ruby had a righteous case of it last week. Thank goodness for carpet cleaners!

Sherry said...

You need a NAP! I'm glad you survived! :)

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