Thursday, April 10, 2008

Who wants a great deal?!?!?!

THE *ROXY* SPECIAL!! most of you know....I work for a fantastic lady, who owns an online store and travels w/ her store to the Creating Keepsakes Conventions, Scrapbook Expos and Great American Scrapbooking Conventions.
She is based in Ft. Myers, Florida and has some great products.

One of these products is the Zutter Bind-It-All!!
I've posted about it before and how much I love it!!

So.....we were discussing the Bind-It-All on my WorldWin DT yahoo group and there was interest in buying one. So, I email Kim and asked her if she could make us a she did!!! ('cause she rocks!)

And then, I asked her if I could offer it to my friends...and she said yes!!! you go.......


If you buy the Bind-It-All for $59.99

You'll get a set of 5 packages of O-Wire Binds for FREE!!!!
(these are a 3/4" bind...a middle-size bind, perfect for most projects)

These packages each have 2- 12" binds, for a total of 10 binds
and the package includes one of each of these colors:
chocolate brown, red, black, white and silver!!!!


If you want any of the Bind-It-All Accessories....such as the
carry bag, the tool kit, the wire cutters, the idea book, etc......

by entering the code:

ROXY will get 25% off all the accessories you need!!

Isn't she awesome to offer this deal?!?!!!!!!

Keep in mind...we have free shipping over $50, so the purchase of the Bind-It-All comes with FREE SHIPPING!!!! So, check out the other great products Kim has. She carries Fancy Pants, Prima, KaiserCraft, 7 Gypsies, Teresa Collins, Tim Holtz Grungeboard and much, much more!!!

Go here Scrapbooks' to get this great deal!

(offer good for 1 month from 4-08-08)


Anonymous said...

Gee Rox, I've always known you were 'speshel' but now you have a special of your very own?!?! Aren't you just the coolest cat in town (only b/c you're in Kansas, b/c if you were here, you'd be the SECOND coolest cat in town!) Yep...I'm talkin' smack, uh huh! ;)

Okay...I just consulted my therapist and he said my smack talking stems from a great deal of pent up jealousy over you getting to have your own Special.
Love ya! ~~J

FlipFlop Mom said...

You work for an AMAZING LADY!!! How lucky and what a GREAT OFFER!!!

Mandy said...

It was great to hear from you! I love getting updates from my freinds. I hope this comment helps you find my page again. I hope you have an absolute blast in Vegas! Can't wait to hear the details!

Tam said...

Thanks for the blog love and yes everyone says H looks like P is R

Kerry McKibbins said...

You are such an enabler!

Anonymous said...


Stacy said...

You know you are the queen when you have ROXY as the special code word! LOL!! I've been wanting one of these...dang are tempting me so much! Lead me not into temptation, but just go ahead and deliver the "evil" right to my door step!!
Love you girl...miss you tons!!

FlipFlop Mom said...


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EFW said...

Where are you? I hope everything is ok...

Tam said...

Just stopping by and wondering how VEGAS was? Hope you are traveling and have tons o fun!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm not checking in ANYMORE!!! I MEAN it! You non blogger you...and don't think you can come on here and give me some story about infectious diseases or diamond necklaces...I AM DONE!

Not really...but where the he## are you?

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