Thursday, April 24, 2008

Holy took me like 3 hours to make the 2nd Vegas post! PICTURE and STORY HEAVY!!

But I've got to go to bed. Check back tomorrow for update of CKC-Mesa!!

and I promise, it's worth it!!!!



Tam said...

OK so you know I never ever leave my house unless it is a must DO! I left the house today to go to the new scrapbooking store. My plan was to Take a picture of it and email it to YOU...the ditzy one that I am get all the way there and realize I left the Camera on the counter!!!! AHHH I did go in and make a small purchase and your friend Amber waited on me...she is so cute pregnant!!!! Anyway the store is so cute and nice and girly...Black, white and pink it...esp since I live in a all boys world!!!! You will like the store it is somewhere you could just relax without the kids....but alas I always have my kiddos...even today ;-(

Liz said...

Mesa girl here :) Ok a few things, first, glad you had a good time in vegas. Second, I hope Fat Tire gets a well deserved comment on 'the Blog'. Third, LOVED,LOVED,LOVED reading about your tampon experience/experiments (my fav is usually the cheapest-not because I like them). And finally... how many comments do you have now and do I get a prize?:)
P.S. This is my first EVER comment to a blog-a virgin until I met you, Roxann (I had to sign up and agree to 'terms') I hope it made you smile!

the real ~Roxann~ said...

Hey Liz!! What's up? Thanks for gracing my blog with your presence!! Glad you enjoy the past posts! I told you -- hilarious, they are!

Yes, Fat Tire will get it's shout out! And I introduced my hubby to it last night! (he liked it, too!)

Anyway...look for the new post later today....


Tam said...

HELLO OLD FRIEND! I stopped by to stalk you today and will check back later...late later as I am doing tons o yard work!!!! Love YA

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