Wednesday, April 23, 2008


The Botanical Garden and Conservatory

at the

Bellagio Hotel and Casino.

This was one my most favorite places we went.
It was just so beautiful. It moved me to tears.
The entire place was filled with fragrance.
In fact, it was almost unbelievable that it could smell that good.

This lady bug is completely made of carnations and the giant leaf is covered with leaves. And there was water running down the leaf, dripping on the moss below.
The snail was made of roses. Click on the picture and look at it enlarged.
It is completely breathtaking!

Had to get a picture of me in the garden, since I loved it so much...

This is the ceiling just outside the garden. Isn't it beautiful? The hand painting and
the chandeliers. It was really breathtaking.

I was trying to get a picture of this giant glass flower. And I was trying out the
settings on my camera. I wasn't sure what I was doing, but this picture is totally wicked, even if it was a complete and total accident!!

Well, when I first saw these...they made me think of my step-mom. You see, she
likes to garden. And I suck at it. It's one thing I have always admired about her...
the gift she has for growing beautiful things. You should see her yard. It's gorgeous.

These giant hand painted paper umbrellas hung from the ceiling. They were 5 foot and 7 foot in diameter. They were really pretty. Along with the giant transparent glass
flowers reaching up into the sky. Really beautiful.
Then, in the center was the butterfly conservatory. There were all different types of butterflies in there. It was so hard to get pictures of them because they were behind glass and those suckers can move fast!! Enjoy a few of them that I caught!


Tam said... beautiful!!!! Eye Candy O yeah and so much more!!!! This place rocks it big time...I would never want to leave there!

Tam said...

btw...that pic of are looking thinner and thinner and thinner everytime I see a new pic of YOU! You are so rockin it or just so dang busy that you do not have time to EAT!

Sherry said...

The flowers are beautiful, great pics! You look great!

jamietg said...

Looks like a dreamy time...I'm SO glad you got this time away with Big Daddy! :)

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