Friday, November 23, 2007

Yes, I am clearly insane......

It's 2:44am and I'm awake.

I have all 800 ads from the paper all around me.

The organized lists are made.

I know what I'm buying for who.

I can tell you what time each and every store opens.'s 19 degrees outside!!!

My first stop is at 4am.....
...just enough time to grab a shower,
bundle up and get going!!!!!

Anybody with me?????

(This is only part of the "insane." Ike has to work tomorrow and I have to deal w/ all 4 kids all day with NO SLEEP!!!!)

I survived it last year.

I will again this year.

(when you have 4 kids to shop for and a birthday...
...Black Friday sales are a NECESSITY!!!)

Pray for me!


Sherry said...

Yes, you are clearly insane!! But I'm sure you found lots of good deals!! :)

Stacy Armstrong said...

Well........what did you get??

He he.....My big bro did my shopping for me today!! I put a lot of electronics on the list and he "went to town!!" Whoo hoo!!

FlipFlop Mom said...

UGH.. I have done black friday for several years.. this year... I wasn't game for it... hubby went with my daughter and his mom!!! LOL LOL.... There was seriously NOTHING I wanted in those flyers.. :-(

I do however HOPE you got everything you wanted!!!

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