Sunday, November 11, 2007

Serious Blog Neglect...

Go ahead.....

...someone should call the "blog police" and report me for serious blog neglect. Because I am guilty, as charged.

But thanks, Jamie, for the shout out that you miss me! That warms my little heart all the way to my little toesies!!! Miss you, too!

And Matt.....I'll forward you the emails. Really, it's all about Erica!! ;)

Thanks for the encouragement FFM and Tam, sorry, I'm updating now!


Moving on........

So, what everybody been up to??? I've been working on my primary goal of getting
the cars in the garage for winter!! Yes, we've already had frost in the morning 2x and our garage is still filled with boxes!! (shut up...don't judge me!! :) So, I've been emptying boxes and throwing stuff away and putting stuff away! It's fun when you find something you've missed or something you had forgotten about. But, man it kills me how much crap we PAID to move 1/2 way across the country. And that's just dumb!!!! But, what can we do about it now?!?!?!

Then, we decided since it was supposed to be 65degrees, we'd throw together a garage sale..... So, we did. I wish I could say it was wildly successful.... But, no. We
only had 10 customers the whole day!!! And the first one came at 11:20am! (we were out there at 7am freezing our butts off!) So, that seriously sucked!!! But, we made about $45 before we hauled off 3 loads to GoodWill.
We still have a bunch of big stuff that went right back into the garage and we loaded about 30 boxes into the attic! Now, that's fun...let me tell you!!!

Then, last night....we went to a hospital auction/fundraiser at a fancy hotel near downtown. It was really nice and we had a good time. Ike looked really nice. I can remember a day when I'd get excited when he'd get dressed up. Now, I get to see
this most everyday. (a perk for me...the news director's wife) He has to wear suits most days..... and I get to enjoy him! He cleans up good!!

And I got to wear my most favorite dress. It's a Jessica McClintock. It's white lace on the top and black chiffon on the bottom. Floor length and super pretty!

But, because I am a mom of 4 and because I rarely do the "upkeep" I toes needed a serious repainting. So...I sat down on the bed to maneuver myself into unimaginable positions to reach my toes with nail polish. And within seconds, the princess was right in the middle of it all! (now mind you, I have tried to paint her toenails before and she adimently refused me from doing so.) SO OF COURSE, when we have somewhere to be by a certain time....she insists that RIGHT NOW is the time to have her 1st ever toenail painting. (something I would love to have on camera...but didn't have time to document....) So, I painted my little lovelies toenails pink and added a little red heart to both big toes. And she loves it! She was so cute blowing on her toes!!!! (so you can bet your booty that I will be "staging" these pics again this week ....and I know you'll keep my secret in the name of scrapbooking!!!) :)

Of course, I wanted to get pictures, but when Logan tried snapping a few for us....the camera battery died. Great! I was po'd! But, what can you do????? And dang it, my hair was nearly perfect!!! (man...this hair cut by Doug Rhinehart at Rhinehart and Company rocks!!! It's without a doubt the best haircut I've ever had!!!!! Ever!!! If you live in Tulsa...I highly recommend him!!! It's more than 3
months old and my hair is still awesome!!! (albeit, longer...)

I'm still working on my project. Remind me to quit being an overachiever!!!
I love it, but it's taking FOREVER!!!!! the interest of not showing you everything at is one of my WWPDT Submissions...... I LOVE IT!!! (and I really made 8 of them for Jensen's birthday invitations...... I know. I know. Insane! What can I say?!?!
Click on it and really look at the detail.......


Beth said...

That invitation is awesome. So glad you got to dress up and go someplace nice. We are missing my office Christmas party this year as we will be out of town for family get togethers.

Dee said...

Lordy those invites look ACE! Love the mallows roasting in the fireplace.

Tam said...

That was so cute...but then again come on how many cute invites have you made over the years. YOU SHOULD SHOW THEM ALL OFF BECAUSE I KNOW YOU KEPT THEM FOR THE SCRAPBOOKS. I am serious post the ones you have made over for all the kids. Hey Girls She even Made a PURSE cake one for M. Yep and it was stinking Cute.

Grandmom said...

Cute invites! I do paper picing too, but haven't much late;ly gotten to work on some.

Grandmom said...

Oops! I meant paper piecing! Sorry!

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