Monday, January 19, 2009


Ever since these boys were babies, they've been exposed to TV. Both boys were less than a day old when they were filmed the first time to be shown on the News. (Yes, it's shameless bragging, but a job perk to show off your beautiful offspring on tv for all to see! We even had some people so inspired by the beauty of our babies, that they actually sent GIFTS to the TV Station for the baby! The downside, when Logan was born at 10:01pm (1 minute into the nightly news...) they wanted to come film me and the baby RIGHT THEN to use THAT NIGHT! Breaking know! Well, I basically said there was no way in HELL that was gonna happen!!!! And believe me, you don't mess with a new mom who's been in labor on pitocin (the devil's drug!) for 12+ hours. You just don't. (if your smart, anyway....)

Anyway, I digress.....

So, there have been times while we were in Topeka that they have called on my kids to do certain things for the news. (offspring of the business tend to understand a bit better.....) So, anyway, they were doing a feature called "Kid Cast" to help with the weather forecast. They wanted kids from 7-13 to come tape the Weather Almanac.

These are the highlights.....

The computer monitor with the video marker before the teleprompter starts rolling...

Stand By.....
Logan in front of the green screen. (in case you didn't know, almost all
weather is shot in front of a green screen, so they can use a
"Chromo-key" to super impose the weather graphics.)

Big Daddy giving the close-up approval.
(see you can see the graphics now!)

Now, Jensen's turn....I LOVE this photo! I think it's so cool showing the teleprompter that he had to read and him in front of the green screen! Very cool!
And a shot of Jensen's Full-Screen with the graphics. I love how Big Daddy is watching in the background. He looks "unconcerned." Meaning, he wasn't worried about the boys performance, at all. (even though reading on the teleprompter was a real challenge for Jensen, since reading is harder for him. And to do it out loud AND on camera.....HE DID GREAT.
They both did!

And here are the links where you can see what actually aired on the News.



I'm so proud!


Tam said...

L looks SO very grown UP...OMG! J has grown UP to much also.

OOOO I am proud of them tooo. This Rocked and I bet they had so much fun.

Tam said...
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j pedersen said...

Looks like they had fun!

Mere said...

WOW!! You're kids are BLESSED to have a mamma that is in the tv business....that's AWESOME!! I'm adding you to my blog list, btw.

Love, Mere

Anonymous said...

Oh that is TOTALLY cool! I wanna be Ike's kid...can I can I huh mom pretty pleeeeeeease?

Love the pic of Ike standing in the

deiha said...

very cool treat for the boys.

KSmith said...

Awesome job kids

Stacy said...

Oh how cool!! That's a great childhood memory!!

Tam said...

HELLO LADY IN OHIO! Stalked over to check on YOU!

Anonymous said...

Wow they look so grown up !

Tam said...

Sending you some bloggy HUGS! Plus I wanted to to let you know that I am your faithful stalker!

Stacy said...

yoooohoooo!!! Where are you????
Where in the world is Roxio??

Happy Valentines Day



FlipFlop Mom said...

OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH this is so cool!!!! Now I'm off to go watch them... how sweet is this!!

Stacia Howard said...

Where are you woman??? Miss you!

Stacy said...

Did I miss something??
Did you move to Ohio and fall off the face of the Earth???

Where in the World is Roxanne???
Come back! Come back!
You have me very worried!!

Tam said...

I know you have a new addiction but your BLOG misses YOU...It told me so!

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