Thursday, January 15, 2009

Artistic Genius....a shameless brag.....

Let me tell you about this picture....Marinne loves this sketch toy. She had a baby version when she turned 2, then last year we upgraded her to this bigger one. She draws on it nearly every single day. So much so, that it's falling apart. (see the weird black splotchies above the letters MZ.

Now, as a person who has a degree in Early Childhood Education, I was FLOORED when the Princess brought me this picture she had drawn. The only reason she brought it to me was that she asked me to draw a picture of our doggie, Barclay. (which I's the 3rd figure from the left....and that was hard in such a small space!)

So, why was I surprised? Well, if you know about art and child development, there are many things about this picture that are remarkable for a child of only 3 years old to accomplish.

First, she has included a "ground line" in her picture by actually
scribbling to indicate where the ground is. Then, she included a "sky line" in her picture, provided by drawing the sun and placing it in the proper location in relation to what she drew.

In addition, her people have more than just a basic circle and dots. She has provided faces, bodies, arms and hair (on the adults.)

When she brought it to me, she told me that this was our "Family" and she drew Daddy, Momma, L, J, G and herself, but she needed me to draw our dog. I was impressed to see that she actually drew the right number of people (6) and that her 3 older brothers are actually "above" her. Like she is littler than them. She "gets" that. (although, she is known for calling them her "friends" as much as she calls them her "brothers.") And that's ok with me!

And lastly, she said that the MZ was her name. She recognizes that her name begins with a "M" and she is quick to point out "that's my name" anywhere she sees the "M." Such as the Macy's sign or at McDonalds. She recognizes that her name starts with an "M." I think that's pretty smart!

So what does all this mean? Well, if you look here, you can see that some of what she is doing is in the Schematic Stage of Art Development. And the typical age for that is between 5 and 8 years old. (and she's not yet Four at the time she drew this!) I'm telling you, she a genius!!

And I'm not a big prejudiced!! (ha ha ha!)


jamietg said...

WOwzers! She's sucha darned cutie, and talented too. I'll bet it has something to do with all those older siblings. She probably picks up a lot from them without even meaning to. Hopefully she won't stand to pee though...that would be awkward. lol! ;)

Tam said...

O Rox she is so BIG! She is growing up tooo quickly and YES she is a Genius! She was beyond her years when she would say yum yums as a tiny little thing sitting in Tequilla Sunset!!!

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