Thursday, January 15, 2009

Jenny II: And the Original Frying Pan Named Jenny

Meet Jenny -------------->

She's a good pan. I've had her for over 15 years. (a gift from my college roommate and BFF Jenny) So, of course, we named the frying pan Jenny.

Now, I know you must think I am crazy, naming a frying pan. But, it's not so crazy when something so simple reminds you of someone you love! And that's just the
way it was, every time I would use Jenny the frying pan, I'd think of Jenny.

So, let me tell you about Jenny. I met Jenny our Freshman year and we became fast friends. And very close. We had as much in common, as we didn't. But, she has a warm, loving heart. And this drew me to her.

In 1990-1991, she and I lived together. I told the story in another post here, about a hilarious joke we played on our roommate. (just scroll to the bottom of the post when you see me and a pretty, pregnant blond girl!)

**ps...this story is really funny and worth looking up to read it**

She was one of my Maids of Honor in my wedding. (yes, I had two...I just couldn't choose one of the other)

Then, later when Jenny and I were pregnant with our first children, she lived with us for a short time while her hubs was in Grenada. I was her labor coach
for lamaze and with her when she gave birth.

She and I were really great friends...and after 20 years, we are still in touch! Well, after we met this Summer and I saw her for the first time in years.....we have been talking about old times. One of the things I told her was about Jenny. She had no idea I still had the old frying pan. I told her I did, but that she was falling apart. Her handle was about to fall off, she has stains on her
that WON'T come off and she's all scraped up from old age (and being abused by teaching Logan how to cook.) She cracked up.....she had no idea! (Much to my husband's chagrin, I just can't bring myself to throw Jenny the frying pan in the trash!)

Now, if you remember, when I told you about Jenny in my last post, she was 8 months pregnant. Well, she had her baby in August.
She gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Kari. And when Kari was 5 days old, it was discovered that she had a life-threatening heart condition. It's been a hard and heartbreaking road. But, Kari is doing well for now.

So, imagine my surprise when I came home from running errands one day and found a giant box on my doorstep.
I had no idea what it could be....until I saw the return address on the box. And then, I burst into laughter! Because I knew what it was......



What a fantastic surprise! It's true, Jenny loves me. (Jenny the girl, not the frying pan) My gosh, she has a very sick baby and she still made the time to get out and get me a frying pan!

And it's a nice pan, too! It's Calphalon! So, she spoiled me, too!!

Thanks Jenny for Jenny II. I will enjoy her!

But, I love you!


Tam said...

Rox that totally is AWESOME! I heart Calphalon and I heart that SHE SENT YOU CALPHALON...I love her and don't even know HER!


Anonymous said...

Wow, Calphalon? Dude, are you sure y'all were just roommates? Oh sorry...forgot this is a pg-13 blog. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Debbie said...

What a great story Roxann! You need to do a page on Jenny and 1 and now 2.

Dalon said...

nice to see you bloggin again!!!! glad to hear kids are in school and hopefully out of your hair :-) (ours have been closed for 3 days because of the weather - ha!)

Stacia Howard said...

Aww! What a great story, sweet surprise and a truly wonderful friend!
Hope her baby stays well.

Tam said...

I have been waiting to see the post of the BIG GIRL turning 4???


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