Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I am a bad blogger.
I deserve to have my blog baby taken away.
But, I'm gonna do better. I swear it! I miss the bloggy!


Well, we are in Ohio. It's cold. It's sleeting and supposed to be turning into snow. The roads were already getting slick when I dropped off the boys at school. And it 2 hours, we'll be out again. Not exactly lovin' that!

Logan started school today. Look at this beautiful Middle School. I hand-picked this school system for the things it can offer our children. The High School is directly across the parking lot from the High School and the Middle School Gymnasium and Cafeteria is in between these two schools. It is really nice that all the schools are together. And when I saw these buildings, well, I was certainly impressed. Beautiful!
Griffin's school is just around the bed from Logan's school. It's looks the same as the Middle School. Very nice. And quite impressive. Griffin is very excited to be back in school. He misses his friends. He was so cute getting loaded up this morning to go. I'll be posting some pics of his first day later. I need to upload them first.

Then, adjacent to that is Jensen's elementary school.
But, he won't be going till tomorrow. The enrollment secretary was out yesterday, so we have to wait until today to get him fully enrolled. Believe me, he's overjoyed to score another day off! And I'm enjoying just him and Marinne this morning.

Well, I'm off to pick up the Kindergartener!
More later.....


Tam said...

OOO yah those schools look GREAT! They look hmm Traditional...I LOVE IT! I will be stalking you later to see the pictures and waiting to hear all about the moving because I know you have great stories to share with US!

Anonymous said...

Dang those schools look pretty impressive... now if only the insides (including teachers) measure up. Oh, which reminds me... let's try not to go to a crop and step on anyone's toes about 'school systems' this time okay? ha! Any good scrap stores in the area?

Mandy said...

wow! How are you? What a holiday season for you. It has been too long sense we have talked! And talk about blog neglect...I haven't read yours in so long, I didn't know you were even moving. WOW!!! How is the condo working out? We are actually trying to move to Seattle this summer and are going to attempt to sell our house too. We will see. Good to hear you are doing well! we miss you!

lynn said...

love your new look Roxann!!!
and thanks for the linkie poo.
those schools look great, hope all things fall into place.

deiha said...

Glad to see ya back!!!!

KSmith said...

hey how was the first day?

Stacy said...

Those schools look fabulous!! I hope this move is just as good for the kidos as it for you!
I think of you often and miss your bubbly personality!!
Don't worry about the Blog Neglect...sheesh, woman! Its not like you don't have a life to live, and a home to move and kids to take care of, etc. etc!!

CharlotteL said...

Good to see you back! I hope it means life in settling in. :)

Sheri said...

Hey Roxann, I found you blog link from FB. Hope you don't mind;) Still scrapbooking? I'm super excited because I am...... get ready...... breath..... 5 years behind! I know!!!!! Since the twins came into my life (we became parents the day we met them at 3 days old in the NICU) I have been behind! I'm so sad about it too! So i really want to get started again..... these computer photo books are OK but they just aren't me... at least not yet, but then again I am 5 years behind. We'll see;)

I have many cyber-friends in Ohio that I hope to meet someday and a few are close to you! One is a photographer.... well, she's just started but is pretty good!

Hang in there with the move... you are a survivor! From a long lost friend,
(I'm not spellchecking so forgive me;)

Tam said...

HOW is OHIO? HOW are YOU GUYS? COLD I BET! HERE TOO is cold can you believe it!

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