Saturday, August 30, 2008

Yes, School Started on August 13th......

...and yes, I am just getting around to getting these up on my blog.

But, before you start busting my chops as a bad mommy....just remember that between Aug. 14th and Aug. 25th, I made TWO TRIPS to Charlotte, NC and back. The first was for CKC-Charlotte, I came home for 3 days and the went right back to Charlotte for all my
children to be in my nieces wedding. (so if you add that up....I was gone away from home
9 out of those 11 days!)


(further clarifying my insane post about the cookies!)

Anyway.....onto the back to school story and pics. I'll apologize in advance for my over-indulgent "mommy post" for Back to School. But, darn it, if I have to have a baby going to Kindy and a kid going to Middle School on the same'll just have to understand and be patient with me.

(or possibly make me a sympathy card.....let me know if you need the address!)

Ha ha!

So, here is the middle schooler.
He picked out a new outfit to try out his locker and look around. I didn't have the heart to make him change, so I didn't. (he'll just have one less "new" outfit clean for the beginning of school.)

The way it works in our middle school is the kids are divided into teams of 125 +/- kids. And there are 4 teams. Everything Logan does is with his "team." They have the same teachers, the same classes and the same lunch period. In my opinion, this is great. It'll be like he's going to a smaller school within his school.

And, as you can see, Logan is on the Comet team!
(and he's also getting annoyed with his mom wanting to take photo's)
Anybody want to bet he lets me take NONE next year?!?!?

I snuck this one while he was working his locker combination for the 27th time.

(just was more like the 8th........)
So, we let him practice a bunch.
Met his EO teacher.
Toured the entire school.
Found his classes.
Practiced the locker a few more times and went on.

Of course, two days school starts they have "School Supply Night," where you bring in your supplies and also meet your teacher. Before we went, I had to take a pic or two, of course.

Jensen in the tree.... (where else would HE be?!)
Sitting at his desk... Meeting his teacher. Then, we were off to Kindergarten.

The CUTE Kindergartener.
Who was seriously impressed by his "cubby."

And excited to meet his teacher.
(does anyone else question if she's even of legal drinking age?!?!)

Showing off his favorite spot in the room.....the manipulatives area.
And his spot on the carpet for group time. And we couldn't start Kindy without a picture with the principal.
She's great and the cutest little thing ever!


Up at 6:25am, to be at the bus stop by 7am.
Totally sucked.
For him.
For me.

Logan was not wanting to do the picture thing....
....and I swear, no other kids were around to see!
And off he went..... I was happy for him....and it was harder for me than I thought it would be.
(I took this shot from the porch, so nobody would see me.)

So, I came in and had a 30 minute break before I have to get everyone up for
"go to school - round 2." It's nice to have the absolute quiet alone.
I haven't really had anything like that before.

Then, at 7:30am, I get up the two younger boys.
Their bus comes at 8:14am, and they are to be at the bus stop at 8:00am.

Grabbed these shots before going to the bus stop.

Jensen - Fourth Grade

Griffin - Kindergarten And onto the bus.(It absolutely broke my heart, but Griffin insisted on riding the bus to school. His older brothers do it and by golly, he was bound and determined he was going to do it!
Ripped my heart out. Of course, I followed that bus to the school!!!!!!!!)

Once at school....Griffin put his bag in his cubby.

Then, we did a quick pic w/ his teacher. (still not convinced she's legal)
And then there was work to do on the table. (reading books!)

I snapped this from the hallway outside his room....then, I cried.
After that, I snuck down to 4th Grade on my way out of the building...and snuck a
picture from the hallway of Jensen sitting at his desk.
(well, as sneaky as you can be w/ a D-SLR w/ a flash!!! Ha ha!)

And after a long quiet day with the princess.....I was overjoyed to see smiles
when they came running towards me at the end of the day!!

Griffin wasn't swallowed by the giant backpack he was "required" to have!

And I had a great photo of Jensen, but I just realized it had his full name and school on I have removed it. And I'm just too tired to go edit it now....sorry!


Nicole said...

These are such great pictures of your adorable boys! You amaze me with all you do!

EFW said...

great pictures! Believe it or not - I somehow managed to not take any this year. D was threatening me if I snapped any of him and then J got a bloody nose on the way to school and we barely made it without a tardy on the first day! So my hats off to you for getting your shots!

Anonymous said...

Oh my what large gums that kindy teacher has! ha! ;) And what can I say...are your children like exact clones of you or what? And that pic of the oldest on the first day looks like some homicidal maniac, but then again...he IS a 7th grader and that's pretty much how they roll isn't it? And what's Miss Priss thinking of being alone with Mom all day without the boys to harass her?
I'm so happy y'all had a great start to the school year!!
Oh, and by the way...the next storm coming off the coast of Africa will be named Ike...he best keep his arse away from Georgia or I'm giving you a spankin!

Karen said...

Such great pics! I am so glad Griff seems so excited about schooL! It must be strange for M to be home along with mommy but I'm really happy for you to have that time together!

Tam said...

GREAT PICS..YOU GOT TO GO IN THAT SCHOOL AND SEE G AT IN CLASS...THAT ROCKS..AGAIN all I have to say is RH...that did not happen here..RH sucks~ BUT you knew that first hand...LOL

Sherry said...

Awwwww!!! They are getting so big! Great pictures, loved reading all about their first day!

Beth said...

Lots of great pics! Can't wait to see the layouts...

Tam said...

Had to come back and stalk again....hey put some PICS of that little girl!!!

btw did I tell you Trish had a GIRL....OLIVIA

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