Wednesday, August 27, 2008

It's nice to be APPRECIATED!!!!!

One really awesome thing about working for WorldWin Papers is this....being appreciated.

I knew last month that in addition to the payment I had received for my work, I had won a design team incentive for my Haunted House album.
Remember this little beauty?!

Pretty awesome to win something, huh!?!

And when I got my $50 American Express Gift Cheque, the envelope contained something even better...

...a very sweet, handwritten note from Chris L., one of the managers of the company. Now THAT really means something.......


Nicole said...

Congratulations! You do ROCK! You are so talented and your creativity is amazing! :)

Tam said...

OOO THAT is SO AWESOME ROX! I am happy dancing for YOU and YEAH that note is PRICELESS!!!!!!

Amber said...

you know.. you can send me that check and i wouldn't mind.... lol

that book seriously rocks!

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