Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Top 10 Things I WILL miss about Savannah!!!

The Top Ten Things I'll Miss about Savannah:

10. Being only 45 minutes from the beach, so I could go any time I wish. (although, we don't go as often as I'd like to.) And the fresh seafood is to die for!!!

9. The Savannah Chick-Fil-A.

Yep, it was my home away from home when I first moved here. I would go there and sit and cry. Sometimes, I would sit there and secretly pretend I was waiting on someone to meet me, while praying I would make a new friend that day. (yep, i was a loser!) It reminded me of going there with my friends from Oklahoma and it was the closest thing to feeling like "home."

8. Driving around downtown Savannah, looking at the squares and the beautiful houses and buildings in the historic part of the city. It seems like everytime we do this we find things we hadn't noticed before.

7. Richmond Hill, the small little suburb we live in just South of Savannah.

It's a small town, a place where you almost always run into someone you know at the store, at a restaurant or at the school. I love how they have a classy entrance to our town with a 2 mile stretch of trees planted down the center of the road divider, really leading you to someplace special. And just yesterday, they put in a classy new Welcome to Richmond Hill sign.

6. Blocker's Barber Shop....I've been taking the boys here for nearly 3 years. The Blocker brothers are kind, good ole boys who are funny as hell. It's the first place I have actually enjoyed taking the boys to get their hair cut!

5. Bonaventure Cemetary.

This is the most beautiful place. Yep, I just used beautiful in a sentence describing a cemetary. It overlooks the Savannah River and again, is covered with trees drowned in Spanish Moss. It was one of the first places Ike took me the first weekend I came to Savannah and I've loved it ever since then.

4. Fort McAlister.

I love this place! This park was a place that offered us a "get away" when we were questioning what the heck we were doing in Georgia, after we moved here. It was quiet, peaceful and beautiful overlooking the Ogeechee River and through the Spanish Moss draped trees. It's the most beautiful park with a play area I've ever been to. We've even had 2 birthday parties there!

3. My pediatrician, Dr. Keith Seibert.

Any one of my friends can attest that I LOVE this man. Even my husband knows I love this man! He is the best pediatrician I have found in the 10 1/2 years I've been a mother. He's kind and attentive and he is respectful of my thoughts and opinions. I know you probably think I'm bonkers, but I truly believe he "loves" my kids in a loose sense of the word.

I'll never forget the first time Griffin got really sick after we moved into RH. It was a Friday and on Saturday morning, Dr. Seibert called our house at 10am to "check on his little buddy." I about fell over!! Talk about thorough!

Then, he came to the hospital on Christmas Eve morning to check out our newly born angel. (Leave it to me to have a baby at the most inconvenient time....)

One day when I ran into him at Tequila Sunset at lunch....I went over to say hi and he wanted to know where Marinne was (she was in her carseat at the table with my friend) because he wanted to hold her.....and he did. And when he kissed her head....I melted! (who doesn't love someone who loves your own babies?!)

And when Marinne turned one, he came to her party, brought his wife, Eve (who is completely delightful) and brought Christmas gifts for all my kids! I was blown away! What a great guy and a generous man!

I'm gonna miss the heck outta him and I kinda feel sorry for my next pediatrician....he's got some awful big shoes to fill!

2. My job at Savannah Scrapbooking! I am considering commuting to work, just so I don't have to quit!!! (now that would be one heck of a commute!!!)

I'm gonna miss the "girlies." Who am I gonna talk to about scrapbooking, s*x, poop and other various unladylike topics with?!?!

I'm gonna miss Jamie D., the best boss I have ever had! She's funny, kind and completely honest! She trusted me enough to let me plan and execute my "crop night plan," even though she barely knew me. Thank goodness it was successful!! She laughed when I called her 10 times a night in the beginning, because I didn't know how to do something on the computer. (In my defense, my training was a 12 minute speech!) She gave me the freedom to use my brain and make it up as I went, if need be. She's got so much talent... she amazes me every time she produces a new page!! She is truly inspirational!

I'm gonna miss Kristine's gentle spirit! I'm gonna miss her stories and I better be on the top of the wedding list when she stops fighting fate and settle down w/ Teddy! (She's gonna kill me for writing that!!!) She's probably wanted to kick my booty more than once from my computer missteps, but you'd never know it! She is my constant cheerleader, urging me on and repeatedly trying to convince me that I can't "blow up" the computer, even though, I'm still not sure that I can't. And she's an awesome scrapbooker, to boot!

I'm gonna miss Amber so much! She makes me (and everyone else) laugh! She's hugely talented and so crazy!! I can't wait to see how far she goes in the scrapbooking world...and I predict it will be far! She inspired me to not be afraid of circles and is teaching me to be more confident about my scrapbooking. I might even submit something for publishing, even though I have never before had in interest in doing it!! Maybe someday.....

I'm gonna miss Suzanne because she's so kind. She's sweet and down-to-earth. She's a really great scrapbooker and a good friend. I've enjoyed getting to know her over the past few months. Suzy, you're so silly!

And, finally, Lynn. Although, I haven't worked with her too often, when I see her scrapbook work, I am really inspired to push myself more. She is the first person I had ever known that had been published and that really impressed me, aside from the fact she's so classy!

And #1 thing I will miss is:

My Georgia friends~

Sherry, Mandy, Amber, Michelle R., Kim, Michelle D., Stacy A., Nicole D., Tammy, Tiffany, Stacia, Joy, Darlene, Beth, Trisha, Trish R., Tammy K., my Pembroke girls, Tara, Lindsey T., Cindy C., Laura G., Bonnie, Nikki, Karen, Dianne D., Joanne M., Tina, Kris and the above mentioned people in #2!

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