Friday, January 12, 2007

The CHA Fashion Show.....starring Amber and Rox

Well, Amber has to get ready for CHA, where she will debut her "open shelf" line of papers for Adorn It. She must look cool and classy, so she asked me to go shopping with her. And did we have fun!!!!
It was hard to pass up this look....daytime wear for the Las Vegas showgirl meets ridiculous. But we kept looking for just the right outfits! (Can you believe that actually sell this crap in Savannah, GA?!
What the heck is this delightful frock, anyway?!?! I'm still not sure. But we had the feeling it wasn't right for CHA.
Being that Amber will be going to a luncheon with Martha Stewart, we decided to avoid the black/white stripe combo, (ha ha ha!) but Amber was tempted by this black, beaded old lady frock. Hmmm....I'm thinking NO!
In true McMorman style, Modest Millie aka Amber was camera shy in the "try-on" process, so I was forced to take a picture of her feet next to the clothes we picked out. (I told her she didn't have anything I haven't seen before and even that didn't coax her into opening the door until she was fully dressed!)
It's hard to believe a girl who can make a face like this can actually look gorgeous in those clothes in her arms. We got several outfits, not bad for two hours work!!

Knock 'em dead, Amber!!!!!

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Amber said...

hahahaaha! those are so funny! you'll ahve to send them to me. Man... thos are some hot babes there.... wonder why their so cute?!

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