Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I'm so excited to announce...
I'm a new Design Team Member of

How exciting is that?? (Pretty stinkin' exciting!)

TWO CHICKS is run by a wonderful girl named Christie and she sells all the cutie-cute Scrapbooking shirts that you see at the scrapbook conventions!

This is the next t-shirt I want to get! It's so cute!!
But, if this one doesn't suit you....then pick one of the many, many more!

So, I am so excited about this.

Because....I get to start creating with some of this fun stuff just released at CHA LAST WEEK!!

The whole collection is called Chicken'N Stuff!

And individually known as Chick'N Noodles:

Which is a collection of single color ribbons, both print and solids.
Chick'N Noodles has over 12 yards of trims, cords, ribbons, laces and fibers to use for all your crafting needs. And being that I am addicted to ribbon, this product is right up my alley!!!
(or would that be down on my farm?!)

Next up is Chick'N Feathers:
Which is a collection of all kinds of soft embellishments for your page! These could include flowers, padded appliques, crochet flowers, real feathers, and more!

And last, but certainly not least is Chick'N Feed:Now, for being chick'n feed, this is some darn good stuff! (ha ha!!)
I just love this stuff! This could include rhinestones, including flowers, sequins,
glass pebbles, acrylic accents, brads, clips and buttons!

And, just for the release there are some Limited Edition Rainbow Chick'N Stuff!
If you're interested in those, go thee here and check them out!

I love them all!

So, stay tuned! Soon, you'll be seeing some new creations by me for Two Chicks!


Anonymous said...

Yay Rox! We are so excited to see what you come up with! Fun fun and I am sure we will all cause a little trouble together too! ha!

Tam said...

That is great news and super cool! Congrats I am excited for you!

Joy said...

Congrats girl!!!

Dalon said...

WOOHOO!!! congrats Rox! love their stuff - and the T-shirt's great too ;-) I think I would prefer something that said "I scrap therefore I am"!!

Jamie said...

YAY YOU!!! ;)

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