Sunday, January 10, 2010

I'm coming back....I really AM!!!!

Last year was so difficult, over-all that I just didn't want to come on here and use my BLOG as a big, fat I didn't blog.

Unless it was reallllly important!

But, I've missed you. And I keep getting emails that you miss me. So, I'll be back very soon.

Unfortunately for time sake, I am designing for 2 companies for CHA and I'm swamped right now. I leave on Thursday for California for a Scrapbook Expo. And I'm flying home on a red-eye all night on Monday morning! GAG!!! So, I may not get to it until I return. But, I promise it's coming!!!!



Jamie said...

YAYAYYAYYAYYYYAA!!!!! I check EVERY day to see if you've posted anything new... seriously. I've never given up hope, and now I'm being rewarded by your triumphant return. YAYAYAYYAYYAYYAYAAAAAAA!!
Can't wait can't wait can't wait!

(PS... next time you feel like you can't blog, just let your faithful followers know... it doesn't hurt to whine a little and ask for prayers for yourself you know.)


Dalon said...

good for you Rox!!! and great for us :-) it's so nice to see a quick post from you - I do miss reading your blog!!! so looking forward to hearing more soon ;-) have fun at Expo!!!!

Tam said...

Alright Rox! It was great to see you show up as a post!!!!!!


Tam said...

Hope you had a great Trip and are not too worn out!

the real ~Roxann~ said...

Thanks guys..... I promise, I really will do better! :)

Mrs. Ed said...

I'm in a whiney spell right now, so I won't mind if you ever need to use your blog to whine.

FlipFlop Mom said...

Glad you're coming back!!!

Anonymous said...
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