Saturday, March 28, 2009

Prayers Needed!

I just had to update only to say one thing..... this sweet baby <--------------------------right over here is Kari. Kari is the 9 month old daughter of my dear friend and college roommate, Jenny and her hubs, Jeff. Kari was born with a serious heart defect and just this last week, this little sugar had a full-on heart failure. (of course, this is my layman terms of what happened) Technically, it was Congestive Heart Failure.

Jenny had made plans to come see me in Ohio the week this happened. They didn't make it because her older daughter was sick with a fever. And thank God they were at home, rather than my house when this happened....close to Kari's Doctors. Don't think I was disappointed that they couldn't come, but I am so glad they didn't. I am glad they were home and could get Kari to where she could begin getting help very quickly!

Sweet Kari needs your prayers. And so do her momma and daddy, and brother and sister, Jeffrey and Katie.

So please, take a moment and hug your babies. And give thanks for your healthy children. Jenny and Jeff are so strong and are fighting for their girl. And Baby Kari is a fighter, too. But, all the fighting can make you very tired! So, pray for strength and pray for baby Kare Bear!

Here is a link where you can read about Kari and her journey. Here's the link for the charity set up by Kari's parents to help children like Kari.

Please know I am fine, just very, very busy. I'm currently in Kansas, preparing for the movers who come on Monday to FINALLY make our move to Ohio "official!!" I return to Ohio on the 2nd, to meet the movers on the 3rd. In the me or call me on my cell! I miss you all!!!! (ps...thanks for all the comments, posts on Facebook and emails telling me how much you guys miss my blog! It will be a little longer, but I will be back. I promise!)


ybus said...

rox - they are certainly in our prayers as well as you and your family. keep positive, life will settle down soon.


Anonymous said...

Definitely saying a prayer for that baby girl and her family. Wow, we forget how good we've got it until something like this comes along and puts it all into perspective. Those parents are heroes for sure.

Shannon and Carey said...

I'll say a prayer for her. I always stop and make sure I never take my babies for granted. They are so precious they make my heart hurt!
-Shannon :):)

Anonymous said...








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